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Is sex (as a category) really necessary?

A recent report has suggested that we ask whether the concept of ‘sex’ as a way to categorise people is really necessary. Pink News‘ headlines for 11 May 2022 are that ‘Abolishing legal sex and gender comes with many, many pros, radical new report finds‘. The Pink News report tell us that ‘… (UK) law… Continue reading Is sex (as a category) really necessary?

Language & Terminology

The meanings of words (TERF, CIS and other terms)

There are some words in the ‘language’ of sex and gender which many find objectionable. Examples might be ‘CIS’ and ‘TERF’; but for outside observers these terms are meaningless. How can they – and maybe other similarly triggering terms? – be explained? Are they legitimate terms? [Read and discuss more about Language and terminology.] **… Continue reading The meanings of words (TERF, CIS and other terms)


Labour Women Voices

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