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Trans women in prison

There are reports in the UK and USA (amongst other countries) of women being forced to share prison accommodation with ‘intact’ natal men who self-ID as women. There are also reported incidences where female officers have been assaulted by trans men (and of natal women in prisons, already traumatised and powerless, being assaulted by male… Continue reading Trans women in prison

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The Scottish legislation on the GRA Reform Bill

The Scotland GRA Reform Bill proposes changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004, to enable  a system of self-ID with no need for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and a lowering of the age from 18 to 16 for a gender recognition certificate.  Debate on this issue has been lively. Three responses to the consultation… Continue reading The Scottish legislation on the GRA Reform Bill

Language & Terminology

The meanings of words (TERF, CIS and other terms)

There are some words in the ‘language’ of sex and gender which many find objectionable. Examples might be ‘CIS’ and ‘TERF’; but for outside observers these terms are meaningless. How can they – and maybe other similarly triggering terms? – be explained? Are they legitimate terms? [Read and discuss more about Language and terminology.] **… Continue reading The meanings of words (TERF, CIS and other terms)


Labour Women Voices

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Research & Reading

Reading and references: Articles, papers and reports

Here are a few of the many articles and papers which have been written in recent times about the politics of sex and gender: [Read and discuss more about various categories of References.] Law and legal cases: Single sex spaces Physiology and genetics:,only%20pass%20on%20X%20chromosomes).… Continue reading Reading and references: Articles, papers and reports