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The Scottish legislation on the GRA Reform Bill

The Scotland GRA Reform Bill proposes changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004, to enable  a system of self-ID with no need for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and a lowering of the age from 18 to 16 for a gender recognition certificate.  Debate on this issue has been lively.

Three responses to the consultation are

Take Action: Scotland GRA Reform Bill (Transgender trend)

How to submit evidence on the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill (Woman’s Place UK)


Self-ID: tell the Scottish Parliament your views! (seXmatters)

What political or other options are available to resolve these difficult issues?

Tribunal Tweets
It’s been announced that Judge Lady Haldane, who heard the judicial review of Scottish Gov brought by For Women Scotland, will deliver her ruling much earlier than anticipated, on: Tues 13th Dec 2022 Be assured, you’ll know as soon as we do. #OpenJustice
For Women Scotland
Ruling is due to be handed down tomorrow in our JR! Big news day!…


Scottish government seeks to reassure MSPs over gender law reform

Social justice secretary says plans do not conflict with work to advance women’s rights and equality  (9 Dec 2022)


Scotland’s proposed gender recognition laws explained

The Holyrood bill introducing a system of self-declaration for gender recognition has polarised opinion (20 Dec 2022)


The Observer view on Scotland’s controversial proposed gender reforms

There is a respectful compromise to be had – but it requires politicians to chose balance over toxicity  (18 DEc 2022)


Michael Foran: Sex, Gender, and the Scotland Act      (21 Dec 2022)


Sunak government threatens to block Scottish gender recognition law

UK ministers considering ‘nuclear option’ after MSPs overwhelmingly back bill on transgender rights  (22 Dec 2022)


Scotland’s gender recognition bill became a lightning rod for wider issues

   Scotland correspondent

The SNP’s proposals including making it easier to get a gender recognition certificate polarised national politics and provoked angry debates over rights


Stonewall slams UK attempts to block Scotland’s gender reforms bill (8 Jan 23)


Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill: Use of Scotland Act Powers   9 January 2023

We have written to the Secretary of State for Scotland asking the UK government to take whatever action it believes it needs to, to ensure that protections for women and girls in Scotland provided under UK law and international human rights obligations are not put at risk by the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill (GRR).  … cont…

Further sources:

Submission by Sex Matters to UK Government

Letter from Keep Prisons Single Sex to UK Government

Papers for the Justice Committee 1 of the Scottish Parliament on Gender Recognition Bill (28 January 2004)

Official Report of Scottish Parliament debate on Sewel motion on gender recogntion 5 February 2004 (col 5632 onwards)

Scotland Act 1998


Why Scotland’s self-ID bill should be referred to the Supreme Court 

6 January 2023



A badly drafted piece of legislation – from whatever standpoint

The Scottish gender reform Bill is unworkable, unpopular and could impinge on reserved law with harmful results for women and girls. Labour should support the application of S33 and 35 of the Scotland Act to prevent it passing into law, argues ANN HENDERSON (January 2023)


Mark Drakeford backs Scottish gender recognition move (10 January 2023)


Scotland’s new gender-reform law presents Rishi Sunak with a dilemma

He must decide whether to refer the law to the Supreme Court in London  (Economist, 10 January 2023)


Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill: Use of Scotland Act Powers  ON


Blocking Scotland’s gender bill is no anti-woke crusade. But it’s not a democratic outrage either

Some may suspect Rishi Sunak of trying to start a culture war, but there is a real legislative problem here   (17 January 2023)


Westminster block on Scotland’s gender recognition bill may be gift to the SNP

While young transgender Scots express anger and frustration at intervention, critics doubt the looming legal battle will bring any more clarity   (17 January 2023) 


Some thoughts on today (Ian Smart)

‘…. Kemi Badenoch, the Equalities Minister specifically came to Scotland to offer that. Shona Robison sent her homeward to think again. You might almost think, latterly, that SNP objectives here were simply to pick an anglophobic fight and, if there was no benefit at all to trans people from this entire process, they would simply have to be pawns sacrificed for “The Cause”.’  (17 January 2023) 


‘It might never happen, love’ is no basis for law

Debate over SNP’s gender self-ID bill has opened the floodgates to furious men who cannot bear to hear our opinion  (20 January 2023)