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Trans women in prison

There are reports in the UK and USA (amongst other countries) of women being forced to share prison accommodation with ‘intact’ natal men who self-ID as women.

There are also reported incidences where female officers have been assaulted by trans men (and of natal women in prisons, already traumatised and powerless, being assaulted by male officers).  Quite possibly other types of assault have also occurred.

These are two such reports (both 2022):

No Men in Women’s Prisons – protests in England 2022

Female Prisoners in UK Forced to Shower with Intact Males

A few organisations have investigated the evidence around trans women in women’s prisons:

Fairplay for Women ,

Keep Our Prisons Single Sex and

Justice for Women.

So what is the evidence, or what further evidence is needed, to ascertain whether carries policy carries unacceptable risks, and to whom?

What may be the optimal way forward, accommodating the needs or wishes of the various parties concerned? Who must be persuaded, if change is required?

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Referring to the article about women in prison being forced to shower alongside men still intact who identify as women.
I can imagine how powerless these born women must feel. They are in the most defenceless situation and are being overlooked in favour of opportunistic others. I believe the vast majority of people, if they come to know and understand the situation described, would be horrified and demand it is stopped with alternatives found. Perhaps Stonewall and other powerful lobby groups would be advised to use some of their large donations philanthropically to invest in third spaces for the people they are so vocal in supporting to the exclusion of others.


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