Reading and references: Social media

Please share here Facebook, Twitter and other social media which bring together news about politics, sex and gender – the relevance and reasonableness of which are yours to decide:


Sex Matters: @SexMattersOrg

Amanda  trans rights = human rights: @AmandaQuirk

Gender Critical Autistics: @GCAutistics

Aaron Terrell: @elegationvain

Gender-Critical Citations: @terfcitations

WeAreFairCop: @WeAreFairCop

EdinburghTransWomen: @edintranswome

Black Trans Women & Girls Lives Matter: @TransFeminism



This substack by Colin Wright is interesting. He’s very gender critical, from the perspective of an evolutionary biologist. He seems to have followed the path of so many people in this topic – starting out with the odd comment and article but ending up devoting most of his time to this issue!