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What are the implications of the June 2022 Roe vs Wade US Supreme Court judgement?

The June 2022 US Supreme Court judgement on abortion (‘termination’) is thought to have set back women’s rights by half a century,

How should feminists outside America view this judgement and what, if anything, can they do about it?

How might this judgement impact on other areas of feminist concern?


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This is a quote from the Arwa Mahdawi column in The Guardian of 9 July 2022:

Women accused of illegal abortions in the UK after miscarriages and stillbirths

If you’re in the UK and looking on at what is happening in the US with horror, it’s worth remembering that abortion rights aren’t set in stone in the UK either; abortion still technically hasn’t been decriminalised in England and Wales. Indeed, dozens of investigations into illegal abortions have been launched by the police during the past decade into suspected breaches of an 1861 law, which says is unlawful to procure a miscarriage using “poison”, “an instrument” or “other means whatsoever.” In one case, a 15-year-old girl who had an unexplained stillbirth was subjected to a year-long criminal investigation before the coroner concluded the pregnancy ended because of natural causes.