Language & Terminology

Titles, nouns and pronouns (Mx, ‘chest-feeding’ etc)

When should we use titles? Mx, Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms? Or what?

And with which pronouns, when?

Here’s an example of how one writer suggests ‘maternity’ matters might be trans-inclusive:

The language of maternity is alive and well – so why not expand it to include trans parents? by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

and this is a response to that article: ‘Inclusive’ language on maternity care risks excluding many women by Prof Jenny Gamble.

Who is demanding such changes to language; are they actually necessary?

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I do wonder whether this is sometimes the issue?
” It seems to be that some of the uproar from the shift towards more inclusive language comes, not as a result of demands from trans people that the word “mother” be erased, but from organisations and services overcorrecting themselves while seeking to be inclusive.”
Maybe health providers need clearer guidance on the need to use inclusive language, when necessary, but to retain plain English, respectful to women, words like mother most of the time?
It feels a bit like moral panic over supposedly losing the word Christmas and Easter, when that’s not really happening. The difference seems to be that the BMA, WHO and others really are choosing to avoid the m and w words!